11 May 2021

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Nothing impure has ever entered my mouth

Acts 11:7-10


Then I heard a voice telling me, ‘Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.’ “I replied, ‘Surely not, Lord! Nothing impure or unclean has ever entered my mouth.’ “The voice spoke from heaven a second time, ‘Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.’ 10 This happened three times, and then it was all pulled up to heaven again.



Lessons Learn

We usually do not realize how near Christianity was to become only another kind of Judaism. All the first Christians were Jews, and the whole tradition and outlook of Judaism would have moved them to keep this new wonder to themselves and to believe that God could not possibly have meant it for the Gentiles. Luke sees this incident as a notable milestone on the road along which the Church was feeling its way to the idea of a world for Christ.