Bethany Presbyterian Church

30 Apr 2021

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Righteous and God-fearing man

Acts 10:21-23


22 The men replied, “We have come from Cornelius the centurion. He is a righteous and God-fearing man, who is respected by all the Jewish people. A holy angel told him to ask you to come to his house so that he could hear what you have to say.” 23 Then Peter invited the men into the house to be his guests. Peter at Cornelius’s House The next day Peter started out with them, and some of the believers from Joppa went along.






Lessons Learn

True wisdom is when we abandon all empty confidence and correct our stubbornness, and God’s will draws us and possesses our minds so that we regard only what it prescribes as right.

Once we know God’s will, there is nothing left for us to do but run quickly wherever he is calling us.