23 Apr 2021

Please come at once!



Acts 9:36-38

36 In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (in Greek her name is Dorcas); she was always doing good and helping the poor. 37 About that time she became sick and died, and her body was washed and placed in an upstairs room. 38 Lydda was near Joppa; so when the disciples heard that Peter was in Lydda, they sent two men to him and urged him, “Please come at once!”





Lessons Learn

The fruits of doing good follows from faith. By doing good is meant the duties of love, with which we help our neighbors; and Luke singles out helping the poor. Here doing good is highly commended because, as the Holy Spirit witnesses, all godly and perfect life is contained in it. So the description of Tabitha shows us reverence for God or faith, coming first, and then helping the brothers, especially by meeting the needs of the poor.