22 Apr 2021

Get up and roll up your mat!

Acts 9:32-35


32 As Peter travelled about the country, he went to visit the Lord’s people who lived in Lydda. 33 There he found a man named Aeneas, who was paralyzed and had been bedridden for eight years. 34 “Aeneas,” Peter said to him, “Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and roll up your mat.” Immediately Aeneas got up. 35 All those who lived in Lydda and Sharon saw him and turned to the Lord.



路加告诉我们教会因神迹奇事而增长。他记述了两件神迹 ——一名瘫痪并卧病在床八年之久的人突然被医治了;还有一名妇人从死里复活。

这里所谓“所有…的人”并不是指每一个人,而是指多数,许多,或一般的平凡人。可以说当时一开始只有一小群信徒,后来有许多人归信加入了教会。所以这句话描述的是神迹所带来的结果 —— 人们信了耶稣和福音。那些只看重行神迹的人反而不去认识基督的能力与恩典以紧紧与祂连结是错误的。行神迹的人所彰显的是一个指向基督的能力的记号。那是我们归信的预备与起点。


Lessons Learn

Luke tells us that the church grew through miracles. He recounts two-a man who had been bedridden for eight years with paralysis was suddenly healed; and a woman was raised from death.

When Scripture says “All those”, it does not mean every single one but most or many or the ordinary people. The sense is that there was only a small number of believers there before, but now a great many people became members of the church. This clause describes the result of the miracle: they embraced Christ and his Gospel. It is wrong to think only about the people who perform miracles and not learn about Christ’s power and grace and cleave to him alone. The sign of Christ’s power that the man showed was a preparation and commencement of conversion.