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28 Oct 2021

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In kindness to Paul

Acts 27:1-5

1 他们决定要我们坐船往意大利去,就把保罗和别的囚犯,交给皇家军营里的一个百夫长,名叫犹流。有一艘亚大米田来的船,要开往亚西亚沿岸一带的地方,我们上去,船就开了。跟我们在一起的,还有马其顿的帖撒罗尼迦人亚里达古。第二天到了西顿,犹流宽待保罗,准他去看看朋友,接受他们的招待。我们又从那里开船,因为逆风,就沿着塞浦路斯背风而行。渡过基利家和旁非利亚一带的海面,就到了吕家的每拉。

1 When it was decided that we would sail for Italy, Paul and some other prisoners were handed over to a centurion named Julius, who belonged to the Imperial Regiment. We boarded a ship from Adramyttium about to sail for ports along the coast of the province of Asia,and we put out to sea. Aristarchus, a Macedonian from Thessalonica, was with us. The next day we landed at Sidon; and Julius, in kindness to Paul, allowed him to go to his friends so they might provide for his needs. From there we put out to sea again and passed to the lee of Cyprus because the winds were against us. When we had sailed across the open sea off the coast of Cilicia and Pamphylia, we landed at Myra in Lycia.




Lessons Learn

Paul could have found a hiding place in this large city by the sea, but he was bound by the oracle and could not withdraw from God’s call. Again, because the centurion had let him go to his friends for clothing and refreshment when he could have left him in the stench of the ship, it would have been disloyal to have thought about his own life and ignored the other man’s danger. We must never allow those who have treated us thoughtfully to suffer for it through our fault.