05 Aug 2021

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Taught about Jesus accurately

Acts 18:23-28

23 住了一些时候,他又动身,先后经过加拉太地区和弗吕家,坚固众门徒。24 有一个生在亚历山太的犹太人,名叫亚波罗,来到了以弗所。他很有口才,擅长讲解圣经。25 这人在主的道上受过训练,心灵火热,很准确地讲论,并且教导人关于耶稣的事,但他只晓得约翰的洗礼。26 这人在会堂里放胆讲论起来;百基拉和亚居拉听了,就把他接来,把上帝的道更准确地向他讲解。27 亚波罗有意要到亚该亚去,弟兄们就鼓励他,又写信请门徒接待他。他到了那里,对那些蒙恩信主的人帮助很多,28 因为他当众有力地驳倒犹太人,引用圣经证明耶稣是基督。

23 After spending some time in Antioch, Paul set out from there and traveled from place to place throughout the region of Galatia and Phrygia, strengthening all the disciples. 24 Meanwhile a Jew named Apollos, a native of Alexandria, came to Ephesus. He was a learned man, with a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures. 25 He had been instructed in the way of the Lord, and he spoke with great fervor and taught about Jesus accurately, though he knew only the baptism of John. 26 He began to speak boldly in the synagogue. When Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they invited him to their home and explained to him the way of God more adequately. 27 When Apollos wanted to go to Achaia, the brothers and sisters encouraged him and wrote to the disciples there to welcome him. When he arrived, he was a great help to those who by grace had believed. 28 For he vigorously refuted his Jewish opponents in public debate, proving from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Messiah.



路加对约翰的洗礼的叙述反映了圣礼的真实意义:作为入门以帮助我们深入了解教义或坚固我们的信仰。把圣礼和教导分割是错误的。当路加提起约翰的洗礼时,他指的是约翰的全部事工 – 不仅是因为教导与洗礼紧密相连,也因为教导是洗礼的源头。洗礼若缺少了教导,就只是空泛的礼仪。

Lessons Learn

Luke’s words about the baptism of John show the true purpose of the sacraments: they are to initiate us into a particular doctrine or establish the faith we have embraced. It is certainly wrong to separate them from teaching. By the baptism of John, Luke means the whole of his ministry—not only because teaching is linked with baptism, but because it is its source, without which baptism would be an empty ceremony.