1 JUN 2021

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Listen to me

Acts 13:16-20

16 保罗就站起来,作了一个手势,说:“以色列人和敬畏上帝的人,请听!17 以色列民的上帝,拣选了我们的祖先;当他们在埃及地寄居的时候,上帝抬举这民,用大能(“大能”原文作“高”)的膀臂,把他们从那地领出来;18 又在旷野容忍(“容忍”有些抄本作“养育”)他们,约有四十年之久;19 灭了迦南地的七族之后,就把那地分给他们为业;20 这一切历时约四百五十年。后来上帝赐给他们士师,直到撒母耳先知为止。 

16 Standing up, Paul motioned with his hand and said: “Fellow Israelites and you Gentiles who worship God, listen to me!  17 The God of the people of Israel chose our ancestors; he made the people prosper during their stay in Egypt; with mighty power he led them out of that country;  18 for about forty years he endured their conduct  in the wilderness;  19 and he overthrew seven nations in Canaan, giving their land to his people as their inheritance.  20 All this took about 450 years. “After this, God gave them judges until the time of Samuel the prophet. 




Lessons Learn

His purpose is to bring the Jews to faith in Christ, and to do this he needs to declare that they excel other nations in one respect: the Saviour was promised to them; and his kingdom is the chief and only happiness.

What is our purpose in life? Do we bring our family, friends or nation to faith in Christ? Let us excel our lives in Christ and let the people around us listen to us. He is the only Saviour to us and to our family, friends and nation and his Kingdom is the only happiness for our nation.